Warts are skin growths which are caused due to HPV a virus which causes the cells on the outer layer of the skin to grow quickly. As per, warts normally disappear on their own without any treatment.

But warts tend to cause a lot of embarrassment and this is the reason why a lot of people prefer to remove it by going through various processes. Banana peels are majorly used for getting rid of warts effectively and quickly.

Step 1

Firstly cut a small piece out of ripe banana or at least large enough to cover the wart. Use a brown or black banana peel for treating warts effectively.

Step 2

Apply tea tree oil directly on the wart as a research states that tea tree oil is a potential antifungal and anti-viral substance which can prove to be vital in maximizing the benefits of the banana peel wart treatment.

Step 3

Then cover the area with the peel of banana, place the inner surface of the peel on the wart. Tape the peel using a medical tape and then leave it for overnight. Remove the tape in the morning. Continue doing this process till the wart disappears.


Never use a green banana peel. This treatment provides better results with ripe fruit and green bananas are not ripened.

For better results leave the banana peel on the wart overnight, but change the dressing for at least once in every 24 hours.


mens underwear

Men usually ignore their underwear once they put it on. Men carefully buy each and every piece of apparel whether it is a shirt or jeans they always tend to buy one which suits them the best. But while buying an underwear they casually choose any one of them and end up buying a rather uncomfortable one.

ABC Underwear is the best place to get cheap men’s underwear online. Here you will find a wide range of various men’s underwear at a very low price.

There are a wide number of choices available in the market which can literally confuse you on which one to buy and which one not to. So here is some advice for men on wearing an underwear.

  • You should avoid wearing underwear which urges you to constantly adjust it. So if you don’t wish to get embarrassed in front of others then it is advisable that you buy an underwear which fits you perfectly.
  • When it comes to buying a pair of underwear, fabric plays a very vital role. You should buy an underwear which caters a fabric which feels good, keeps your body cool and doesn’t restrict your movements.
  • People usually tend to buy overly branded underwear,but they can seem to be a bit tacky and present lack of maturity at times. So it is better that you keep it simple rather than going for branded wear.
  • The last thing you would want is that all your underwear to wear out at the same time. So it is better that you buy one or two pairs of underwear, but of high quality. So that they last for a long time.

One thing you should remember while buying an underwear is that everyone has a different body type. A type of underwear which may look great on others, it is not necessary that it will also look good on you. So it is advisable that you choose an underwear which perfectly suits your body type and makes you feel comfortable.